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M V M T / O 

movement / movimiento

MVMT/O is a nomadic proposal for movement with base in Berlin. Dedicated to the integration of various physical practices, it persues body strengthening and movement exploration. It is nomadic because it does not have a fixated physical space to happen but rather moves through different studios and spaces adjusting to the need.

Merging pilates, yoga, calisthenics, contemporary dance and other disciplines, the idea is to make people come together and make practices communicate. 


We will work with the weight of our own body, the occasional assistance of external elements, the floor, walls and the surrounding space. 

Occasionally there will be guest teachers offering their expertise on movement from alternative spaces such as the breathwork, voice work, HIIT and others.


Open to anyone interested, regardless of experience, age or gender.

thank you for the interest!



on breathwork, voice work and movement

facilitated by Irina, Anabel and me


at Vea Studio, Berlin

Naunynstrasse 38 - Berlin Kreuzberg

more information here

to book a spot:


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