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M V M T / O 

movement / movimiento

MVMT/O is a nomadic proposal for movement with base in Berlin. Dedicated to the integration of various physical practices, it persues body strengthening and movement exploration. It is nomadic because it does not have a fixated physical space to happen but rather moves through different studios and spaces adjusting to the need.

Merging pilates, yoga, calisthenics, contemporary dance and other disciplines, the idea is to make people come together and make practices communicate. 


We will work with the weight of our own body, the occasional assistance of external elements, the floor, walls and the surrounding space. 

Occasionally there will be guest teachers offering their expertise on movement from alternative spaces such as the breathwork, voice work, HIIT and others.


Open to anyone interested, regardless of experience, age or gender.

thank you for the interest!



on breathwork, voice work and movement

facilitated by Irina, Anabel and me

22 June

16-20 h

                        23 June

                        10-14 h

                                           at Resonance Room Berlin


A body within is a proposal by Irina, Elisabeth and me which was born as a response to a current growing need and interest in reviewing our lives, from working conditions and interpersonal relationships, to average health, psychological patterns and emotional state.


We believe that approaching this personal work through the body provides incredibly rich and deep knowledge about ourselves, our past, present and the future we want to build up around us.


Along those 8 hours we will guide you through various movement proposals, voice activation and singing, together with breath work and reiki. We want to create a safe space where we are comfortable being playful and curious, but also serious and careful. We know we deal with our bodies and those from others, touching sometimes sensitive spaces that need attention.


This workshop is open to anyone interested in the dialogue between these three territories within our bodies, regardless of previous experience or aim. You can know what you are searching for or not at all. There are only some conditions that might be a limitation mostly for the breath work, which you can find in the deeper description on our website.




Early bird price until the 10th June: 300€

Past sessions

16.03.2024      gone 

at Vea Studio, Berlin

Naunynstrasse 38 - Berlin Kreuzberg

19.05.2024    gone

12:30 to 16:30


Kunstquartiers Bethanien, Kreuzberg


About the facilitators:

@irina_ree_ Irina Ree is a singer and breath-based Hatha Yoga instructor working with the radical connection between sound and healing. Irina has an academic background in teaching and 20-year experience in stage performance. She has developed a profound self-exploration sounding experience during her healing journey, and has combined yoga principles with performance joy to create instruments that unlock authentic voice and energy through raw sounding.


@anabelzenith Anabel Zenith is a multi-hyphenate healer, esoteric arts practitioner, rites of passage guide, and spiritual teacher. An American of Japanese descent who has been living in Berlin since 2012, Anabel has an academic background in Women’s Intellectual History, installation art, and ancient mythologies. She delights in untranslatable words and liminal spaces.


@nicolettemichalla @pilateswithnicolette Nicolette Michalla is a movement artist and pilates teacher with +10 years stage performance and teaching experience. She has an academic background in Nutrition and studies in Osteopathy. For the last years Nicolette has explored the affordances of sound through listening practices. She is interested in the a(e)ffect sound has within our human bodies from its imagery to its healing power.

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