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​Listening without being certain of what it is, to the indefinableness of movement and sound frees the effort to establish a form, a delimited object (...) A body who listens can be deformed in the process of meeting and entering another, in the translation of what is seen and felt in the fluctuating exchange with everything else. In being-in that interaction, a body can take any shape to offer an instant to be interpreted.


In december 2021 it was released by brasilian composer and multi-instrumentalist Otacílio Melgaço, an Essay Book (ebook) “FURIOUS SPHINX” (Mel-Em-Branca Pub Co.), for which I wrote a chapter dedicated to building a bridge in between his sonic universe and dance. His artistic work deals with a wide range of subjects among which dance finds a special place. Here is a link to the full length ebook:

Throughout 2020 I seeked to turn my artistic practice into one that relates more intimately and gently with the spaces I inhabit. I urged to transform my body from within and with that, thinking structures, living paradigms, a past, a present and a future. Practices of listening, taking up to several forms, shapes, modes, mathods, helped me review and re-create my sensory map. In this paragraphs I bring some of those reflections on body, movement and affection.

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