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Nomen Nescio was created, performed, reviewed and adapted in four moments throughout 2018. As a research on individual trauma and its social impact,  it seeks to explore the body as a living memorial and memories as its sculpturers. How does a body shape itself to fit, to adapt or reject a certain space or context? Which are the organic implications for those decisions, both socially and individually?  

Inspired by Argentinian poet and composer Alberto Spinetta´s album “Artaud”, it takes place on the thin line which which separates health from sickness, acceptance from rejection, integration from isolation. The performers created the piece based on movements provoked by the memory of a personal trauma. It explores the fragility of the human mind and the unreliability of our memory system.


Concept: Nicole Michalla

Choreography and performance:

Nicole Michalla, Maria Torrents and Alba del Rio Serrato

Music: Hector Salazar

Hosted by Ada Studios Berlin in the frame of 10 times 6 (2018)

Supported by Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (STL)

PREMIER´19  residencies 2018

Hosted by Lake Studios Berlin, in the frame of Unfinished Friday V. 55 (2018)

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