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15.07 - 16.07 / RHYTHMS OF LIVING
Walk-in-Opera. A performatic walk through the Weitlingkiez's architecture
in Lichtenberg, Berlin. Created by music composer Felipe Vaz, visual artist Laure Catugier and dance artists Anne Katrin Kiesel and Nicole Michalla.

04.06 - 09.06 / THE L:STEN:NG ACADEMY
Organized by Brandon LaBelle, Thiago Granato, Miriam Jakob and Nicole Michalla
Ballhaus Ost, Berlin

01.01 - 06.01 / NEEDED BREAK


SILENCE. Choreographic LAB
Facilitated in Ufer Studios and Studio 2, Berlin.

Udk Summer University Berlin. KlangKunstBühne
"A sound mind in a sound body" by Yara Mekawei.
"MY DOCUMENTS" by Lola Arias.

May / Foreign_Body Trio / Film
By Howool Baek. Berlin.

14.05 / THIS IS HOME 

By Florine Leoni. Das Tanzfest Basel.

Workshop by the side of composer and multi-instrumentalist Otacílio Melgaço at Pas de Quatre Centro de Dança, Minas Gerias, Brazil.


12.12 / FURIOUS SPHINX - of a still dance(r)
ebook released by Mel-em-Branca Pub Co. An essay on composer Otacílio Melgaço´s work and its entanglement with dance.
Available to download here.

27.10 + 09.11 /  Are you ok?

By Howool Baek . Research residency. Bora Bora Residency Center

25.09 /  THIS IS HOME Premier

By Florine Leoni . Biennale di Venezia. Screening and artist talk

10.09 + 15.09 /  Between
By Howool Baek . Web performance

01.09 + 02.09 /  Foreign body_Trio

By Howool Baek . Unidram Festival Potsdam

19.07 + 23.07 /  The Listening Biennial Berlin

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Brandon LaBelle & Carla J. Maier

12.06  /  Foreign body_Trio 

By Howool Baek. Soundance Festival Berlin

10.05 - 16.05  /  Tanz meets...

Artistic residency with sound artist Mikel R. Nieto. Tanz-Station Wuppertal

01.01 - 31.07  /  Dis-Tanz Solo 
Research process on human perception. Facilitated by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V.


01.10 - 31.12  /  Dis-Tanz Solo 
Research process on human perception. Facilitated by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V.

Foreign body_Trio
By Howool Baek. Unidram Festival Potsdam. Cancelled

Foreign body_Trio
By Howool Baek. Internationale tanzmesse nrw Düsseldorf. Cancelled

By Florine Leoni. Video material. Performance TBD

Foreign body_Trio
By Howool Baek. International Modern Dance Festival, Seoul. Cancelled

In dialog with myself
Artist in residence. Nah Dran extended. Ada Studios Berlin

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