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live performance

In a live electronic setting, Shu Chon, Nicole Michalla and Ina Walter bring along the product of a series of body-sonic examinations that were developed using piezo and capsule microphones in conjunction with stethoscopes. Intimate and very personal bodyscapes are making themselves heard alongside both tender and more assertive gestures that establish a connection between the performers’ organic bodies and the physicality of the space. In ever ongoing feedback loops between organic, environmental, and machine-made sounds, it is not clear who makes and who is made, what is public and what private, what is technology and what is us.



Presentation from "A sound mind in a sound body" workshop by Yara Mekawei

Udk Summer University, KlangKunstBühne


with: Bertha Elena Artero Ponce, Shu Chon, Ana Lessing Menjibar, Nicole Michalla, Rhyannon Styles, Ina Walter

assistant: Lara Alarcón

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